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If you’re looking for someone to have afternoon high-tea, late night conversations, and daily study dates, look no further than Eileen! When I’m not busy being a frantic workaholic, you’ll find me painting, journalling, or decorating my room. I’d love to get to know all of you better — let’s catch up over matcha latte one day!

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Head of Graphic Design

Meet the depressed yet well-dressed mother of 4 cats, Disa! Please note that I don’t enjoy small talk so if we ever cross paths, feel free to immediately plunge into why your childhood gave you attachment issues. Though if you do manage to find me, you’ll probably find that I’m either bawling over The Last of Us or on a dark academia-induced shopping spree.

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Content Editor

Hello! I'm Anya. I'm an avid fiction reader who frequently loses her mind to even mildly cute pictures of cats and often thinks about doing her assignment while not actually doing them. Looking forward to working with you all!

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Web Designer

Hi everyone, I’m Chloe! A girl of many interests who spends too much on crochet yarns and can’t live without dental floss. Call me if you like baked goods because I often stress bake. By the way, does finishing 17 seasons of a TV show (guess the show!) in seven weeks make me dedicated? Hit me up if you’re ever down for a tennis game!

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An Emily Blunt superfan who is solely living through daydreams and fantasies. I'm always on my phone, so if you're not receiving a reply... yes I'm ignoring you.​

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Head of Public Relations &

Social Media

Heya! Naila here. I’m known for being a dreamer, a believer, a reckless and a clumsy person. Yet, I hold those titles with my chest puffed. Being a dreamer and a believer gives me the power and faith to create a life just as how I want it to be. Being reckless gives me the courage to fight my fear of failure (still a wip :D) and take leaps of faith. Being clumsy.. well it’s just me being clumsy In short, my life is a blessing and I’m grateful I could still be here. What are you grateful for today?​

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Graphic Designer

For the most part, I'm pretty friendly and WILL laugh with you about the tiktok you've sent me at 1am. But don't be surprised if I accidentally ghost you for a month, I promise it's not you, it's me (i probably forgot to reply). I strive for women in STEM but I'm also professional procrastinator. I also have two cats who love to pick on each other and a spotify playlist full of mixmatched songs! Don't be afraid to hmu and we can talk about how seesaw is my favorite song ever :-))

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Content Translator

Hello all! My name is Umar, but you can call me Jay. I'm a broad science enthusiast, amateur astronomer, and supporter of a healthier education system. Professional writing is something I think I'm good at, and I dream of becoming a communicator in the future. Look forward to our ventures and posts at PWI and let's build a healthier world together!

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Head of Content

Perkenalkan, namaku Lou, orang paling suka-tidur-tapi-jam-tidurnya-berantakan yang kamu bakal temuin. Kerjaanku sehari-hari kalau nggak nugas, nari, maraton Grey’s Anatomy, ya nerjemahin konten PWI. Oh, I also listen to Christmas songs all-year-long for they provide joy to my sorrow. Dahlah.. cukup ya basa-basinya. Akhir kata, dua tiga tutup botol, love you all. Canda love you. Jumpa di PWI! 

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Content Editor

Still confused at how I always tend to oversleep even after double shots of americano. Anyway. Quick facts about me. I rarely cry over anything, except for Math. I love a good work out, but can't handle any variation of lunges. Also, I'm very medok so don't be surprised if I suddenly forget how to speak Bahasa Indonesia. That's just the struggle of being Javanese.

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Graphic Designer

Hey folks! I'm Laura! and I like to spend my free time discovering good songs and make playlists of it, currently obsessed with lofi, post rock, math rock, and hiphop music. Sometime I sing, make a bunch of sketches, watering my houseplants. Guess I'm a homebody that loves to do house chores, especially cook for my loves one (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

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Social Media Manager

An avid milk tea lover, you can always find me studying for my Neuroscience classes with boba milk tea next to me. On my spare time, I enjoy watching Netflix (I’ve probably watched Stranger Things 100x), making tiktoks, and reading a good book. Sooo if you need a boba friend or even someone to eat nasi goreng kaki lima with, hit me up!  p.s. If you do I will probably take you on an hour-long olivia rodrigo carpool karaoke too.

We’re always looking for passionate people willing to contribute to our cause! If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, let us know.
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