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Art Therapy Workshop

Poster Addy Kayla.png

September 2021

In our Art Therapy Workshop, Addi Chandra taught us how to heal ourselves through art. With art therapy, we can utilize our creative process to explore self-expression, gain personal insight, and develop new coping skills. The main highlight of this event was creating our own mandalas! Special thanks to Addi Chandra and all media partners!

UNPAD Comgath Community Gathering


September 2021

Alongside our Instagram Live with UNPAD, we delved deeper into the topic of hustle culture through a Community Gathering with BEM UNPAD! In this event, we discussed the growth of hustle culture in modern society, how hustle culture can manifest into anxiety, and tips on mitigating this toxic cycle. To close it off, we ended with a highly engaging Q&A session with our event participants! 

UNPAD Comgath IG Live


September 2021

Together with Wildan Febrian, 1st RU Putra Padjajaran 2021, we held an Instagram live regarding hustle culture. During this live session, we broadly discussed what hustle culture is, its roots and impacts, and its relations with anxious thought. 

#LetsTalkAboutIt: Understanding PTSD with Dr. Nova



June 2021

In light of PTSD Awareness Day, we brought on Dr. Nova (Secretary General in the Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations) to talk all things Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. From understanding pandemic-related PTSD to showing support for those dealing with it, our insightful conversation highlights the importance of being aware about PTSD symptoms and the different faces of trauma.

Behind the Mask: Understanding Impostor Syndrome with Unmask.ID


PWI x Unmask Square.png

May 2021

Our collaboration with Unmask.ID discusses the impostor syndrome cycle, and its harmful ties with anxiety and depression. We conducted an in-depth discussion with Amelia Fandrayani (founder of Unmask.ID) to elaborate her personal experiences with impostor syndrome and the significance behind our 6-part story series! 

Exhibition at Tunas Muda School


March 2018

Project What If’s humble beginnings as an IB MYP Personal Project came to an end following Tunas Muda’s year 10 exhibition. From 11-13 March, visitors came to see the outcome of our book release, merchandise sales, and social media publications. 

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